WP Stagecoach has been acquired by the WP Masters! Please visit this page for more information.

WP Stagecoach Launched!

We are ecstatic to announce the official launch of WP Stagecoach 1.0! 

WP Stagecoach makes it easy to create a WordPress staging site with one click, and to import changes back to your live site.  With WP Stagecoach, you never have to develop on a live site again!

To celebrate our launch, we have special launch pricing available for a limited time:

Create up to 50 staging sites per month
Use up to 6 staging sites at a time
$12/month or $99/year

Sign up now!


We are launching with just one plan, but we realize that one size doesn’t fit all.  We are working on more plans to fit everyone’s needs, such as:

  • WP Stagecoach for Support Teams: make it easy for your customers to create a staging site where you can disable plugins, change themes, and make code changes to track down problems.
  • WP Stagecoach for Web Hosts: to stay competitive in the world of WordPress hosting, you need to provide staging solutions for your customers.  We can help!
  • High-volume plans for agencies and developers.
  • Low-volume plans for site owners

It has been nearly two years since we decided to pioneer a new plugin and the server software infrastructure to make it easy to create WordPress staging sites for anyone.  We have overcome many hurdles since then: the oddities of some web hosts, the frustrations of serialized arrays, health complications, licensing decisions, the loss of a dog, the arrival of a puppy, differing versions of PHP and MySQL and many others!  We couldn’t have done it without the help of literally hundreds of people.  Some people offered pricing advice, some offered encouragement and unwavering faith in our abilities, some people questioned our wisdom and sanity.  We are especially grateful to our roughly 350 alpha testers and 1200 beta testers, who created well over 2500 staging sites, offered wagon-loads of feedback, thanked us and kicked over spittoons while we sorted out problems.  Thanks to that extensive testing, we are confident that we are launching a useful and reliable product.

Note for beta testers: The staging sites you have already created will be active for another month.  After that, if you want to continue using your staging sites, you will need to sign up for WP Stagecoach.  As of today, you will no longer be able to create new staging sites with your beta license key, but you can always sign up for WP Stagecoach to keep creating staging sites!