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WP Stagecoach for Web Hosts is Available!

We are pleased to announce the launch of WP Stagecoach for Web Hosts!

More and more web hosting companies are offering staging sites as a part of their WordPress hosting packages.  Building the infrastructure for staging sites can be very complex, so we are making a special WP Stagecoach available to web hosts. Now web hosts can provide our one-click staging sites, with the ability to easily import changes back to the live site, to all of their WordPress customers.

What makes the WP Stagecoach for Web Hosts different from our regular version?

  • Users bypass authentication: we provide software that runs on the web host’s server and allows users to bypass creating an account and entering a username and API key, while retaining individual site security
  • Web hosts can co-brand the WP Stagecoach plugin
  • Web hosts’ customers can have unlimited use of staging sites
  • Web hosts have access to a control panel that lets them see how their customers are using WP Stagecoach

In addition to those special features, WP Stagecoach for Web Hosts customers also have access to our stellar customer service.

It is our mission to end cowboy coding, and we are excited that WP Stagecoach for Web Hosts will let us reach thousands more websites.

If you are interested in using WP Stagecoach for Web Hosts, contact us to discuss pricing!