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The ONLY one-click WordPress staging solution that works on any host and doesn’t overwrite your database during import.

You can troubleshoot for days while e-commerce and other plugins take orders or registrations. Content can keep updating. Our unique WordPress staging plugin uses a ‘database merge’ feature—not an overwrite feature—to ‘push’ your updates live in one click. Never lose your data or re-do your work again!

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Yes! It works with one click. No joke.

This staging plugin takes care of all the hard stuff, so you don’t have to do it.

Save hours of work!

WP Stagecoach is the easiest, fastest way to set up
a WordPress staging site. It can then ‘push to live’
ALL (or some) of your site changes—again, with

Feeling a bit geeky?

We have manual imports and advanced features
for folks like you! Read more here.

Never break a live site again!
Staging sites are never optional with WordPress

You may have learned this the hard way. It’s never a good idea to click on those
“update” buttons on themes and plugins and expect all to go well
(even if it worked last time).

Avoid these costly, time-eating mistakes
when updating a live WordPress site!

Plugin conflicts causing loss of functionality or design

Error messages appearing for public users

CSS overrides being deleted in core plugin files (never do this ‘no-no’!)

Broken links and disappearing images

Site going mysteriously ‘blank’ with a white screen

Loss of ability to login to WP Dashboard or users areas

Deletion of content you spent countless hours on

Inability to take payments, registrations or sign-ups

And so much more!

Fixing issues like this can keep you up all night and ruin your work schedule.

Get easy staging sites now

No, a backup system is not enough! You
need staging sites to solve your site
problems, not ‘band-aid’ them!

A backup system is essential. But a staging site lets
you work on problems or redesigns in a completely
separate environment, away from a functioning site
that needs to keep serving customers.

So why not just never update WordPress?

Good question! You might be more sorry if you neglect WordPress updates, though.
We explain why here.


WP Stagecoach ‘pulls out all the stops’
when it comes to plugin features and control.
Here are some gems you’ll love:

One-click setup and deployment

Our system works in both directions. It’s one click to set up a staging site, and one click to push changes to your live site.

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Password-protected staging copies

Show your clients the staging site. They’re on our servers, not your desktop, to allow for easy collaboration.

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Ongoing, responsive support

We stand behind our product. If you’re having trouble, we’re here to help, often replying within 4 hours. Extra service add-ons are also available for purchase, if you ever need it (but you probably won’t).

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Database merge feature

Don’t overwrite your database, merge it! Never lose fresh content updates or data while you troubleshoot.

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Off-site staging set up

Test in a safe, isolated environment, never infecting your live site. Save disk space and possibly money on your hosting plan.

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Selective migration

Chose to go live with your site files, database, or both. You have control.

See how it works >

Usable with any host

No need to switch hosts just to get a WordPress staging feature. Stay where you are; we got this.

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100% money back guarantee

If you’re not happy, we’re not happy. You’ll get your money back if this product isn’t right for you. (We might ask you how we could have improved though).

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Who loves WP Stagecoach
for easy WordPress staging sites? Lots of folks!

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Our WordPress staging plugin has been featured in these excelling publications:

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Our easy-peasy WordPress staging plugin is THE solution for:

Bloggers & site owners >

  • A simple, affordable solution to test your updates on a flexible staging site, before going live. Keep your site secure; with our yearly subscription, you never have a reason to delay updates, so you can use staging sites for every software release. You can also have a sandbox for testing new plugins and themes.
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Developers, Web designers & agencies >

  • Streamline your operations and increase billables with regular update services. Give your clients that extra quality, without banking hours on support, migration and server space.
  • Hosting your client sites internally? WP Stagecoach makes it ultra easy to stage website clones, or offer staging sites to your clients.
  • Learn more >

Plugin support teams & WordPress maintenance companies >

  • Make it easy to troubleshoot your support requests by testing for plugin conflicts or identifying bugs. You can use a staging site to disable plugins and edit code without the risk of breaking your customers' live site.
  • Learn more >

WordPress hosting companies >

  • Make more money by offering the latest standard in WordPress hosting features: staging sites. Our enterprise solutions allow you to offer staging sites as an added-value or premium paid solution for your hosting customers. Connect to our system with simple, one-time-setup script. We’ll take care of the rest, even disk space and support. We promise, it’s that easy for you to make extra, passive income with this one simple addition to your existing infrastructure.
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Created for real WordPress cases; mastered by an
infrastructure perfectionist.

Our systems administration, database-techy-guru made sure this plugin would work with as many ‘what if’ scenarios as possible.

It took forever to make (we couldn’t go ‘lean,’ it’s not our style). It’s rock solid. This plugin can handle large sites, and many sites. It works in multiple server environments. We built it to last. It’s the type of product we’d use for our own clients, so you know you can use it for yours.

In short, zero cowboy coding here. We hate that.

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