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WP Stagecoach for Developers

Streamline your WordPress services with faster, easier and more secure updates. Our premium, WordPress staging plugin does more than traditional staging sites, and it never compromises high-standard coding (which we know you love).

When you offer WordPress development services, you’re bound to take on continual maintenance jobs for your clients. Those can include software and plugin updates, as well as design changes, content additions, functionality integrations and bug fixes.

Now, as the pro WordPresser you are, you know you can’t be doing these tasks on a live site with nothin’ but a lick and a promise. You also know backups don’t help when you need to full chisel through plugin conflicts, prep new themes and everything in between.

Whether you’ve used them before or not, you’ve probably heard the tinker’s news that automatic staging sites save time and hassle.

But gosh Johnny, you need the right hosting plan for that. Or, you need server space, a new database, and a boring afternoon to make it yourself. And, if you ain’t got no time for DNS fusses, you’ve gotta redo your work to make it live.

If that sounds dull as dishwater, we thought so too.

Enter WP Stagecoach!

We made an automated, one-click WordPress staging plugin designed to work from any host. Put it on your essential plugins list, and add it to your freelancer toolbelt. You’re going to love what this crackerjack has in store…

Hold onto your hats WordPressers; you won’t believe what this staging plugin can do for your development, testing and production sites!

With WP Stagecoach, you can do all the activities you normally perform on a sandbox site, only better.

We made a WordPress staging plugin that goes hand-in-glove with the real needs of a professional WordPress developer using something like this.

That is, being able to quickly create secure, reliable staging sites, then merge changes back to production without interfering with ongoing operations.

It sounds saucy…and it was.

In solving the most annoying problem all staging site alternatives have in common, we came up with a gem of an idea: let’s merge two WordPress databases together, instead of overwriting one with the other.

That way, the ‘goings on’ of a live site – like e-commerce orders, registrations, and content updates – won’t have be exported anywhere, or re-made by the time you finish troubleshooting, and are ready to deploy.

Most devs avoiding this problem manually perform updates on a live site after checking them on a staging site. That cumbersome method is no longer needed.

The gravy gets better. Our staging environment tracks changes, and lets you work like a boss.

We know you like running things like the big guns do. So, for you virtuosos, we put in some extra fine-tuning options. Our staging plugin lets you do three important tasks while testing and deploying updates:

  • Select the exact database tables or files you want to import to production
  • See which database tables have had changes made to them on staging
  • Perform manual imports from staging to production (if you like getting rough and dirty)

Plus, you’ll be isolating server issues since you’ll be testing on our secure, non-cached, offsite environment.

Save the last for dessert; WP Stagecoach helps your WordPress business earn more, with less hassle, and great presentation.

You handle the back end, but your collaborators need to see the front end, easily and privately. We thought of that too.

While serving your customers with our plugin you can:

  • Password protect staging urls. That way, clients or management can see design and functionality changes before you deploy them (and not without squaring up on invoices!).
  • Let clients do their own tests! They can click things, make test orders, compare the two sites – all without giving them access to your servers, or needing to protect theirs.
  • Give third-party plugin providers a ‘safe zone’ to troubleshoot when needed.

Now that WordPress staging sites have become so much easier, we wouldn’t be surprised if you started marketing web maintenance services to your clients, instead of avoiding them. More jobs, more moolah.

Think all this talk is just ballyhoo? We’ve got rave plugin reviews, a satisfaction guarantee, and offer full support. We care about quality just like you!

You like doing things right, and so do we. You also won’t use a plugin unless you know it’s the bee’s knees. Neither would we.

In case you didn’t see our windbagging elsewhere on this site, we’re super picky when it comes to best practices. Our plugin was made by a database infrastructure specialist, and he’s no tender-footed, green thumb when it comes to coding for WordPress.

If you’re not one-thousand per cent happy with your staging site capabilities after purchasing a subscription, we’ll give you your money back. Or, if you let us, we’ll help you figure out what went wrong, and make it right.

We also offer full support, and try to get back to our customers within four hours, if we can. It’s rarely more than a day.

Need an impartial voice to tell you it’s truly splendiferous? Check these links out!

You’re two whoops and a holler from creating your own WordPress staging site with WP Stagecoach!

Get started now, and you’ll be testing in the next five minutes! It’s that fast!

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