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WP Stagecoach for Site Owners

A WordPress test site preserves your hard work from going down the drain. It also lets you try new things ‘in secret’ until you’re ready to show the world.

So, you’ve launched a sparkly WordPress website, and you probably spent MONTHS working on it. But you’re not done! No, you’re never done (says the designer in you).

A website is like a puppy; it needs constant care, maintenance and growth.

But, there is a caveat. You need what’s working to stay working. Modifying ‘techy’ things on a website while it’s live to your visitors can wreak havoc on you if something goes wrong in the process. Even worse if you don’t know what broke. Double worse if you don’t have a backup.

If you want to experiment with redesigns or new functionality, you’ll want a place to do that privately, without a ‘site under construction’ blurb on your live domain. And also, without having to pay for more hosting.

When you use a WordPress test site, you can manage your changes and updates in a totally safe, separate environment; it won’t affect your live site. That’s where the WP Stagecoach WordPress plugin comes in; it does exactly that – all in one click.

A WordPress staging environment is part of your disaster recovery plan when it comes to any of the following WordPress maintenance or revision activities:

  • Plugin and theme testing on update
  • Fixing WordPress errors after update
  • Seeing if new WordPress integrations will work on your site
  • Troubleshooting and debugging WordPress
  • Checking, or showing off, theme design changes before going live
  • Comparing before-and-after versions of your site when maintaining WordPress software
  • Letting a support person poke around a copy of your site without affecting real site visitors

And, solving any WordPress update problem you encounter, before it goes public on your live site.

Actually, we expounded the many ways you can use a staging site here.

Have we got the WordPress staging plugin of your dreams, honey!

Sure, you could spend a lot of time reading up some ‘techy’ articles, and learning how to setup a WordPress staging site manually. But that would be a pain (we’ve looked).

WP Stagecoach takes all those extra steps out of the equation by giving you a one-click, WordPress test environment, almost instantly! For realsies.

And NO – you don’t need to buy a hosting plan from us to use our WordPress staging plugin. You also don’t need to pay for extra disk space, nor support, or other ‘hidden’ upgrades that make you think, ‘this wasn’t as awesome as I thought it was gonna be.’

You can use WP Stagecoach with any WordPress site, from any hosting server.

Our staging plugin basically creates a WordPress clone of your site, and then migrates it to our servers. You’ll get a staging URL, and from there, you’ll be able to click on anything you want without having to worry your live site will go down.

You’ll also get a nifty button that will let you “push to live” all your updates. Best thing yet: it won’t overwrite your entire site’s content if you don’t want it to. That means e-commerce orders and other posts can stay put, even if you launch a revised site. This unique staging site feature is something you’ll only find with WP Stagecoach. It minimizes losses, prevents unnecessary re-dos and doesn’t give you that ‘rushed’ feeling to get your tests done asap.

And, depending on the plan you get, you can make test sites for up to 10 domains! You’ll be as happy as a clam at high tide!

Proactively handle your WordPress debugging problems with a one-click test environment, made specifically for your content management system

When you run an open-source, WordPress content management system website, you’re bound to come across one of those mysterious messages that tells you it’s time to “update” this or that software.

But what do those messages mean? Do you have to update? And besides, ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it,’ right?

Wrong. Just, so wrong.

Leaving WordPress software outdated can cause security nightmares for you. That goes for themes and plugins too.

If you’ve been doing this long enough, you’ve probably witnessed the WordPress white screen of death at least once.

Then there are web designs gone rogue, 404 ‘page not found’ messages, content that goes missing, php and database errors, payments not going through anymore…

You know the saying, “mo’ money mo’ problems”? Well, with WordPress, “mo’ plugins, mo’ problems.”

WordPress test sites solve yo’ problems. They save you time and money, especially if you’re paying for WordPress maintenance and support.

And no, test sites are not like having a backup. If a backup software can be thought of as your ‘insurance,’ think of staging sites as your ‘test kitchen.’ You need to make mistakes, and taste them, before you serve them at your mother-in-law’s anniversary dinner party. It’s better to be proactive, not reactive.

Say no more, I want a WordPress test site pronto

Make a staging site your ‘happy place’

But, being cautious about plugin updates is not all you’ve got to thank your WP Stagecoach subscription for.

Since we’re guessing you’re curious to know, we’d like to direct your attention to an article we wrote that answers the question,

What is a WordPress staging site and why do I need one?

Staging sites can be used any time you want to get creative and try something new. They can be your happy place, where anything goes, until you find your ‘spark.’

Try a new theme, see what a new font looks like, or install a new gallery. It can all be done in a place that’s separate from your ‘real’ site.

It’s nothing like starting a site redesign from scratch, and that’s the beauty of it

This is because our WordPress staging plugin duplicates sites exactly as they are. In other words, your test environment will still hold all your content, making it so much easier to see what your final drafts will look like.

Then, when the art-eest in you is ready to show the world, simply click a button, and… badaa-bing, badaa-boom! Our software sends your changes to your live domain, where the world can now see your genius ideas.

This essential WordPress plugin was made for the non-techies, by the techies

WP Stagecoach is made for WordPress. It comes from uber duber WordPress lovers. We’re actually active WordPress users just like you (except a little more geeky).

We know what it takes to do this the ‘WordPress way.’ We made it happen for ordinary people who need an easy, fast and affordable solution to testing WordPress anything-a-ma-jig, using the hosting service they’re already on.

What started as a household favour is now an advanced WordPress plugin we’ve made accessible for anyone to use, in just one click!

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