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WP Stagecoach for Support Teams

If you’ve ever provided support for WordPress websites, you have no doubt been in the situation where you need to log in to the customer’s website to make some changes, but they are uncomfortable sharing their login information with you.  Or you want the customer to disable all plugins and/or switch themes to find the source of a problem, but they aren’t willing to do that on their live website.  Imagine how much easier it would be to provide support for these customers if you could work on a copy of their website!

We are building WP Stagecoach for Support Teams.  This is a special version of the WP Stagecoach service that is designed specifically to help tech support providers create staging sites to quickly and easily help their customers.

How it Works

  • You, as a company that supports WordPress sites, sign up for WP Stagecoach for support teams and receive your own special copy of the WP Stagecoach plugin.
  • Any time you want one of your customers to make a staging site, you send them the zip file of your plugin (or put it on your site where they can download it). 
  • You also send the customer a one-time-use token.  That token can be automatically generated, or you can generate it yourself if you want it to include a support ticket number or something else that helps you link the staging site to your support system. 
  • The customer installs WP Stagecoach from the zip file you gave them, and enter their token on the authentication page.  Then they create their staging site. 
  • When the staging site is created, a new administrator user will automatically be created on the staging site.  You will get an email letting you know that the staging site has been created, along with the new username and password, the SFTP information, and the token. 
  • You can do whatever you need to do on the staging site.  The customer can import your changes if they need to, and either they or you can delete the staging site. 
  • Staging sites will automatically expire after a few days unless you extend them.



We are still working out pricing details.

If you have questions or are interested in using WP Stagecoach for Support Teams, please contact support@wpstagecoach.com.