WP Stagecoach has been acquired by the WP Masters! Please visit this page for more information.


  • Remote server for staging sites

    We host your staging sites on our servers, not yours. This means you don’t take up web hosting space on your own account. It also allows you to isolate server issues when troubleshooting, and it provides an extra layer of security protection.

  • Automatic updates

    When we release a new version, you’ll get a notification in your dashboard. You can just click on the “update” link on your plugins page, and you’ll have all the latest bells and whistles!

  • Plugin download links in your account or email

    Hate it when you buy a plugin and can’t find it later? Or when it’s buried in an old email somewhere? Our premium plugin comes with an online account area where you can login to download the latest version of the software. You get it in your inbox too.

  • API key entry

    When you purchase WP Stagecoach, you get an API key unique to you. This prevents others from using your allowable staging sites within the plan you purchased. You can find your API key in your purchase confirmation email, or on your Account page.

  • One-click staging site creation

    It’s so true. It really does only take one click – in both directions. So get a wiggle on, cuz you’re not going to waste time manually making a sandbox site. I mean, sure, you can configure some other settings if you’re a crackerjack. We’ll cover those below.

  • Disable hotlinking

    To make things faster, WP Stagecoach references media and files on your live site, instead of copying them to the staging site server (when they don’t exist). This is called hotlinking. If your origin site is on your local server, or your host blocks hotlinking, this might cause images to disappear on your staging site. You can disable this option, or you can add an exception on your host. To troubleshoot, read more here.

  • Feedback form

    After every staging site you create, we ask you how things went. Yeah, we know; we’re one of those software companies that likes keeping people happy. The form lets us resolve potential issues for you in a jiffy. Or you can use it to say hi 🙂

  • Progress messages

    If you’re one of those people that loves knowing what a techy plugin is doing, have we got the treat for you! While staging sites are being created, or imported back to their live origins, you see progress messages, instead of a mysterious spinning wheel. Also, if anything times out or gets disrupted, you can keep track of which step the plugin was on, for better reporting.

  • Disable caching plugins on staging sites

    Caching plugins can be oh so necessary for some sites. But when it comes to duplicating WordPress sites, they get confused when URLs change. Sounds cray-cray if you don’t understand them intimately. But don’t worry, we’ve got a solution. WP Stagecoach allows you to disable caching plugins on the staging site only, before you create it. Just remember to turn them back on when you import changes later, though.

  • Custom staging site URLs

    Who wants boring random characters for a URL? Not us! You get to name the subdomain part of your staging site URLs to something you’ll remember. It also looks better for your clients, who get to see their own name in the URL. How special 🙂

  • SFTP & FTP credentials set up for you

    Remember, WP Stagecoach works on any host. You don’t have to click around to manually set up FTP or SFTP accounts for a staging site – our system does that for you! Credentials will show up in your online account, and immediately on your setup page when creating a staging site (you don’t have to login every time you need them).

  • Merge databases, don’t overwrite them

    Probably the most unique feature of our staging plugin, which you can’t get anywhere else: it merges databases. You won’t lose your content by copying your staging site to your live domain. If your live site was collecting orders, registrations, or making content updates while you worked on your test site, you can keep all of that intact, and still experience the joy of one-click imports.

  • Choose files or database imports, or both

    Yup, if you only made some small CSS changes, you don’t have to bother re-importing your database. If you made edits to content, but not to your design, you can simply import your database alone. Or, if you want the whole package, import them both, just to be safe.

  • One-click, advanced or manual import options

    Yes! It’s really one click to ‘push’ your staging site changes to your live site too! But if you like getting your hands dirty, we’ve got some advanced goodies, and a manual import option. You probably won’t need the manual option though. It depends on how good your website host is. But hey, manual imports are really reliable.

    What are advanced features? We’ll cover that below!

  • Check for changes before migrating

    This WordPress plugin is so dandy smart, it keeps track of the changes you’ve made on your staging site. No, not to spy on you (put that Big Brother book down!). It’s so you can see what’s new, and what you’re importing to your live site.

  • Revert files option

    This is the ‘whoopsy daisy’ option. If your automatic migration from staging to live didn’t go as planned, we’ve got ‘Plan B’ in place for you: a ‘revert’ button. Yes, we make backups of your live site during import, just in case (but not for the long term).

    Where is the database revert option? That’s not automated yet, but we give you a link to go and get it, in case you need to manually restore it.

  • One-click clean up and delete

    No one likes WordPress plugins that leave a mess behind. After you migrate a staging site to a live site, WP Stagecoach gives you two deletion options. You can remove the entire staging site from our server (files and database – a clean slate). Or, you can clean out just the temporary files created by WP Stagecoach during import, so they don’t remain on your live server, eating up disc space.

  • Progress messages

    Just like when you create a staging site, our plugin gives you progress messages while migrating a site from our server to yours. For the non-techy, this is way more interesting than a blank page or a spinning wheel. For the gurus, you can track what’s happening for better troubleshooting.

  • Selective migration; import only what you need

    We know some of you are purposefully picky. So, in case you only want to import some stuff, but not all, we’ve given you that option. Be careful though; this feature is powerful. And with great power comes great responsibility. Tech translation: database tables reference with one another, so don’t expect things to go smoothly unless you know what you’re doing here.

  • Manual import option

    If for some reason automatic migration from your staging site to your live site doesn’t work, fear not. You can still do a manual import. We don’t hide your database or files from you. This option is a bit more work, but it tends to be really accurate when your host is otherwise making things difficult for you.

  • Hotlinking

    If you have an image-heavy site, it could take hours to copy everything from your live site to the staging site.  We’ve found a way around that, though: hotlinking!  Instead of copying all your media, your staging site just hotlinks to the media on your live site.  99% of the time, you would never know this is happening.  Once in a blue moon, it causes some problems, in which case you can turn off hotlinking.

  • Optimize WP Stagecoach for a slower server

    If your live site is on a slow server, WP Stagecoach has a plan in place to make the migration to our staging server a lot smoother. The software brings in data and files in smaller chunks, reducing load on your hosting server. It also can grab WP core files (regardless of version being used) from wordpress.org instead of from your server, further reducing load. Yes, we’ve thought of everything.

  • Force WP Stagecoach to delete options and transients

  • SSL Support

    Your live site is encrypted with SSL, so your staging site should be too.  Or maybe it’s time to convert your live site to SSL, and you want to test it out first.  Either way, we’ve got you covered.  SSL is available on all staging sites.

  • Option to delete API key and username when deleting the plugin

    Prevent clients from using your plugin license when migrating to their servers. Alternatively, keep your credentials intact in case you’re not quite done with your changes yet. Either way, this option means you don’t have to do it manually.

  • Staging sites hidden from search engines

    Our plugin automatically turns on the WordPress feature to hide your staging site from search engines. That way, you can reduce the chance of public visitors finding the wrong URL through search engine indexation. When you import changes back to your live site, the ‘no-indexing’ is turned off again.

  • Password protect staging sites

    Show your customers their site-in-progress with a web-based URL they can access from their own computers. But, you can keep it top secret with our password-protection feature. This also makes sure staging site ‘public’ visitors aren’t accidentally using the wrong site to perform transactions or other activities.

  • Documentation and ‘known issues’ list

    We keep track of common plugin issues on our site, and show you how to troubleshoot them. This saves you the time of waiting for a reply from us. Plus, we keep our known incompatibility list up to date.

  • Ticketing system

    We use the ever-popular Zendesk Support ticketing system to help keep track of support requests. This means we won’t lose your messages, and our entire team can keep an eye on them. Zendesk makes it easier for software companies to provide support to their customers, and is used by top companies. Want to know more about it? Here is their site: https://www.zendesk.com/support/ (not a sponsor!)

  • Responses within 24 hours or less

    We know you’ve got a business to run. We like to be quick when replying to support requests. To be honest, we’re usually a lot faster than 24 hours. And, we work with you to see the problem through to its solution. Our plugin creators are also available for advanced issues.

  • Enable debug menu

    Track down issues with ease, and without having to add code to your WP-Config file, or use log files. Our plugin will display potential bugs if you enable this option. Then, easily use that information to troubleshoot on your own, or ask us for support.

  • Manual import help available for purchase

    Feeling stuck with manual imports? We offer a service package you can buy to get us to do this part for you, when it falls outside of the normal scope of support. Sometimes, when you just don’t want to deal with a problem yourself, or can’t, you’re willing to hire someone to fix it. And who better than the plugin company itself? Keep in mind: manual imports are only necessary when a theme or host is not setup to work properly with WP Stagecoach automatic imports, based on some pretty common standards

  • Extra support services available for purchase

    Need red-carpet service? We can provide that! Sometimes, when you just don’t want to deal with a problem yourself, or can’t, you’re willing to hire someone to fix it. And who better than the plugin company itself? We have extra support options for purchase. These are for things that go outside the normal scope of free support. And no, these services are not for speeding up replies (every customer deserves that). These are for advanced technical issues.