WP Stagecoach has been acquired by the WP Masters! Please visit this page for more information.

New Server Side Programs

From a programming standpoint, WP Stagecoach has two major components: the plugin that users install on their WordPress sites, and the server side programs where most of the magic actually happens.

Last weekend, we switched to new server side programs.  Users won’t notice the difference, but for us, the new system is dramatically better, and more reliable.  Improvements include:

  • Better security for all server-side communication
  • More flexible back-end programs, so it is easier for us to make changes to the server side scripts without disrupting service
  • More secure storage of staging site SFTP passwords
  • Centralized logging of staging sites creation so it is easy to see common problems
  • Better error logging, so we can track down problems and see patterns

In addition to these changes, we are pleased that the transition from one back-end system to another went very smoothly!