WP Stagecoach has been acquired by the WP Masters! Please visit this page for more information.

What makes WP Stagecoach different

There are several solutions out there for creating staging sites, including some plugins in the WordPress plugin repository.  However, what makes WP Stagecoach different from all of these is that we provide the server where your staging site is hosted.

With all other staging solutions, you have to have a server where you can host a staging site, and you have to set up the server environment.  This might just be a matter of creating a copy of your website on your shared hosting account, but even at its simplest, setting up staging sites requires some expert knowledge about how to copy and move databases and how to change the URL of your WordPress site. Even if you are an expert, this can be a time-consuming process.

We have taken care of all of that for you.  We provide the server.  We copy your site to our server and change the appropriate settings (site URL, visibility to search engines).  We make it easy to choose which changes to move to your live site.  A process that would normally take an hour or so can be done with just the click of a button, and with no expert knowledge whatsoever.