WP Stagecoach has been acquired by the WP Masters! Please visit this page for more information.

WP Stagecoach Beta Launched!

We have launched the beta version of WP Stagecoach!  The plugin has come a very long way since the first alpha versions a year ago.  The beta version does lots of nifty new things:

  • staging sites can be accessed via SSL-encryption
  • you can password-protect staging sites
  • advanced debug mode for tracking down problems
  • much more reliable
  • if importing gets interrupted, it can pick up where it left off
  • ability to undo file import

WP Stagecoach is still free while it is in beta.  Sign up to use WP Stagecoach beta!

And you’ve no doubt seen our fancy new website by now.

If you’ve been using the alpha version, you will need to sign up for a new API key.  Your old alpha API key will still work with the alpha version, but we will phase out the alpha version soon.