WP Stagecoach has been acquired by the WP Masters! Please visit this page for more information.

Deleting Alpha staging sites

We’re getting close to launching version 1.0!

In preparation for launch, we need to tidy up old sites created by old versions of WP Stagecoach.  We will shut down the Alpha server on December 23.  All staging sites created with the alpha version of WP Stagecoach will be deleted on December 23. 

If you created any sites with WP Stagecoach Alpha, please go to Your Account page and review your list of sites.  Alpha sites are highlighted there, so you can see which ones will be deleted.  We would appreciate your help deleting these sites: please delete any alpha sites that you are no longer using.  Otherwise, we will delete them for you on December 23.

If you are still using a staging site created with the Alpha version, you will need to backup the site to your own computer or server.  If you cannot create a backup of a site that you still need, you can email us to see if we can move the site to the beta server.