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Why people want to use WP Stagecoach

While WP Stagecoach is still in alpha, we are asking potential alpha testers to tell us a little bit about themselves.  This form has an optional comments field, and we have been surprised and delighted by what people have said in this field about why they want to use WP Stagecoach.  Here are just a few examples:

I’m actually a Web Marketing consultant for SMB’s so designer is a hat I’m often forced to wear as well. I’m very interested to see how this plugin would work to demonstrate to clients what new optimisations would look like on their site before actually going live with the changes. This is often a challenge for inexperienced web users who have a hard time visualising what a series of changes might look like and how they would work together,unless they can actually see and interact with them on a site. Would also be useful for performing quick usability testing for site changes before moving them to the live site.

A big part of my job is maintaining customers sites, so I’m always looking for ways to make that process easier!

Got a couple clients who will squee if this works out as well as I think and hope it will.

I already host my own site(s) on wpengine.com – and wouldn’t ever want to live without a “one click staging site” anymore, so I greatly appreciate your excellent idea and implementation. 😉 But I do a lot of support on client sites and most of the time I wish for the same convenience for these sites too – without having to migrate to wpengine. When I need to create a staging site, I currently use BackupBuddy (along with the included ImportBuddy script) to clone a client site to my own server, which is still much more work than using your solution.

This tool has the potential to transform our development and maintenance process.

I’ve been building WordPress sites since 2003 and normally use WAMP locally then move everything to the live site via SFTP and WP-Migrate Pro. I also manage (on demand) a number of client sites and find that applying WordPress core and plugin updates can be a long and tedious process due to all the fiddling about setting up (my own) backups beforehand etc. I’ve been looking for a simple staging option and I’m hoping WPStagecoach might be it.