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Alpha testing progress report

WP Stagecoach has been in alpha testing for a few weeks now, so we thought we’d give you a progress report on how it’s going.

First, we want to thank everyone who has taken the time to try this out.  We really appreciate your patience, enthusiasm, and especially your time!

All in all, we’re pleased with how alpha testing is going, and it is forcing us to make some major changes to the plugin that will make it much more robust.

We initially created and tested the plugin in our own servers, where we had total control over the environment of the live site.  Now that we’ve released it into the wild, it is being used in all sorts of different environments, and we are not the least bit surprised to learn that (a) it doesn’t work on all web hosts and (b) some plugins cause problems.

So now we’re going through the process of learning exactly what problems occur on different hosting environments, and finding ways to fix them.  This is requiring lots of creative thinking, which is fun.

We’re also seeing what plugins have problems.  There are so many plugins out there that it is inevitable that some plugins will cause conflicts, but we are going to strive to minimize those problems.

Alpha testing is going to take a while.  We want to make sure that the beta version is really robust and really close to being ready to go.  So if you’re interested in trying it out, let us know!