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Alpha Testing Party

To show our appreciation for people who are willing to give the alpha version of WP Stagecoach a try, we are going to have an Alpha Testing Party.  We’ll get together, have some drinks (drinks are on us!), and try WP Stagecoach.  We’ll be there to troubleshoot any problems that arise (it is an alpha version, after all), and answer any questions you have.

When: Tues., October 1, 6:30pm – 9pm
Where: Red Door, 3401 Evanston Avenue North, Seattle, WA
What to bring: Bring a laptop and be prepared to try WP Stagecoach on a WordPress site

If you aren’t in Seattle, but still want to be in on the fun, you can join us on Twitter with the hashtag #wpstagecoach.

To RSVP, leave a comment on this post or send an email to info@wpstagecoach.com