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Why do staging sites expire?

Staging sites expire if no one has logged in to the site for 18 days.  You will receive a notification email 4 days, 48 and 24 hours before your site expires.  To be sure you receive these emails, please white-list the email address “support@wpstagecoach.com”.

There are several reasons for this:

  • WP Stagecoach makes it so easy to make staging sites, that sometimes people forget that they have even made them! 
  • If no-one is logging into a staging site then plugins, themes and WP updates probably aren’t getting applied, and the site can quickly become vulnerable to hacking or hijacking.
  • WP Stagecoach isn’t intended for creating a permanent staging environment, but instead for creating a short-term staging site for testing changes.  The more often you import from a single staging site, the less reliable the import will be.  It is best if you delete your staging site after importing your changes, and then create a new one for your next round of changes.
  • If we can keep the staging servers free of unused clutter, we can keep costs down.

If you don’t want your staging site to expire, all you have to do is keep the WP Stagecoach plugin active on the staging site and log in to the site – visit any page of your staging site’s dashboard, and we’ll know that your staging site is still active.  Forty-eight hours before your site expires, we will send you an email letting you know that your site is about to expire.  That email will include a link that lets you prevent your site from expiring, or you can just visit the site’s dashboard.

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