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Why don’t automatic imports always work?

Unfortunately, we can’t promise that automatic imports will work on your site.  The good news is that you can do a manual import instead, and we are working on some tools that will make manual imports much easier. 

There are many possible reasons why automatic imports don’t always work, but it all boils down to one thing: WP Stagecoach doesn’t have control over your hosting environment or your live site.  Importing is a very complicated process, especially for database changes.  WP Stagecoach only has access to limited information about your hosting environment, and very limited control over it. Even if you don’t make any changes to your live site, there are changes that can potentially happen to your site under the hood, and those create even more unknown factors.  On top of that, some themes and plugins use the WordPress database in unconventional ways that can be hard to accommodate.  WP Stagecoach is basically working blindfolded while doing a complex operation.

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