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What is the difference between file changes and database changes?

WP Stagecoach gives you the option to import file changes, database changes, or both from your staging site to your live site.  It isn’t always obvious whether the changes you have made are file changes or database changes.  Here are some general guidelines.

File Changes

These are changes to the files in your WordPress installation, including themes and plugins.  File changes include:

  • installing new themes
  • installing new plugins
  • updating themes or plugins
  • updating WordPress
  • editing theme files, including CSS files
  • if you used FTP to change anything, you made file changes
  • if you went to Themes –> Editor or Plugins –> Editor, you made file changes

Database Changes

These are changes to the content of your WordPress site, or to any of your options.  Database changes include:

  • writing new content on the site (posts, pages, custom content types)
  • enabling and disabling plugins
  • changing plugin settings
  • changing theme settings (including saving CSS in the theme customizer or your theme options page)
  • getting comments, moderating comments
  • forum activity
  • creating, changing, or deleting user accounts
  • changing WordPress settings

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