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PHP 8.0 is coming – does it break your WordPress site?

As much as I dislike headlines like the one above, in this case, it is an important one.

PHP 8.0 is coming out soon, and it is going to be a pretty drastic change from previous versions, and has the potential to create a lot of problems on your WordPress site.

Luckily, we have your back – all our staging servers have the latest release candidate for 8.0 installed and ready for you to test!  We have seen some interesting problems with themes and plugins on 8.0, but you don’t need to worry about anyone else seeing them if you test on a staging site!

There are two ways you can test with PHP 8.0.  When you create a new staging site, you can select your PHP version.  The option is visible if your site runs on an old version of PHP, or you can turn on the advanced options under settings:

If you want to change the PHP version of an existing staging site, you can log into Your Account page and change the version there.

This is a great opportunity to get out ahead of the 8.0 official release that is coming on 26 November! We will be keeping the up with the latest release candidates for 8.0, so you will always have the latest version to test with!

Happy trails!