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Introducing #WordPressWayWed

On Wednesdays, we tweet about WordPress best practices with the hashtag #WordPressWayWed.

Of course, no one will argue with the idea that developers should follow best practices.  However, learning what the best practices are can be a challenge.  It is both a strength and a weakness of WordPress that it is very flexible and there are often several ways of doing things.  We want to help WordPress users and developers learn the WordPress Way – the best way of doing things with WordPress.

In the process of developing WP Stagecoach, we have learned how important it is to follow best practices.  WP Stagecoach has to interact with all of the themes, plugins, and content on your WordPress site.  Themes and plugins that don’t do things the WordPress Way can cause problems for WP Stagecoach in copying sites and importing changes.  When all developers follow best practices, it is easier for everyone to do complicated things with WordPress.