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WordPress is using a different “Site URL” than what is stored in the database

WordPress stores your site’s URL in the database by default, under the option name “siteurl.” However, there is another way to determine the siteurl: you can manually specify the siteurl in the wp-config.php file, which is what probably what is happening on your site.

If you get this message, WP Stagecoach has determined that your live site is using a different siteurl than what is stored in the database.  Because WP Stagecoach needs to change what is in the database so it can make your site work on the staging-site URL, it must be set correctly in the database.  There are two ways of changing this, and both require using software to search and replace the siteurl within the database.  Make sure you back up your database before you do either!

WP Stagecoach will give you an error message that tells you what siteurl is stored in the database.  Then open your wp-config.php file, and see what siteurl is listed there.  Now you need to change your database so that the siteurl stored in the database is the same as what is in the wp-config.php file.

The first method is slightly easier, and involves installing a plugin like “Better Search Replace” from the WordPress plugin repository, which we have used many times very effectively.  Once installed and activated, it will guide you through changing the references from the old siteurl to the current one.

The second method involves a stand-alone piece of software called just “Search and Replace DB“, which has great documentation on its webpage.

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