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Staging Site Creation Stalls

Staging site creation usually goes pretty quickly.  If your site stalls while trying to create a staging site, here are some steps you can take to make it work:

1. Update to the Latest Version of WP Stagecoach

Make sure that you’re using the most current version of Stagecoach. In wp-admin -> plugins, you can check if updates are available. If you’ve yet to install it, you can find the latest version on Your Account page.

2. Optimize for Slower Servers

The problem could be a result of taxed hosting resources. So, go to wp-admin -> WP Stagecoach -> Settings, and check the box next to “Optimize WP Stagecoach for a slower server.”

3. Try a Different Browser

Try using a browser that’s different from your default, e.g. Chrome instead of Safari.

4a. Exclude Some Files from Your Staging Site

WP Stagecoach makes a copy of your entire website directory, which means you could be staging things you don’t actually need on your staging site, such as backups, or copies of old websites. If this is happening, try excluding some files:

Going to the WP Stagecoach settings page and turning on the advanced menu and the debug menu.  Then, on the Advanced page, check the box next to “Skip specified directories when creating the tar file.”

4b. Exclude Some Database Tables from Your Staging Site

Some websites have really huge databases.  In general, you need your entire database on your staging site.  However, some plugins create their own database tables, and your site can run just fine without them, such as plugins that track traffic statistics or user activity.  To do this, go to the WP Stagecoach settings page and turn on the advanced menu.  Then, on the Advanced page, check the box next to “Select tables to bypass while creating the staging site.

5. Create Tar File in a Single Step

If there aren’t any files or database tables you can skip, you can try going to the settings page and turning on the Advanced menu, and then on the Advanced page, check the box next to “Create the tar file in a single step.”

6. Ask Your Web Host to Increase the PHP execution limit.

If none of those things help, you might be able to ask your web host to increase the PHP execution limit. Then attempt re-creating the staging site.

Still Need Help?

If none of that helps, contact WP Stagecoach support.

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