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Did we just take our last step together?

WP Stagecoach can copy and alter your website: that means that it has a lot of power over your site!  We do everything we can to make sure that this power can not be exploited for malicious intent.  One of the ways we do that is that during each step of site creation and import, a “secret”, or nonce, is created and stored.  The plugin checks for the correct secret at every step.

On rare occasions, you may receive an error message that states:

Whoa there partner!  I don’t recognize you–did we just take our last step together?

This indicates that the current step has been given the wrong secret. There may be strange circumstances that can cause this to happen.  If you see this message, follow these steps…

  1. Try in another browser.
  2. Try disabling caching plugins such as W3TotalCache
  3. If you need to import right away and can’t wait on a support response, go to WP Stagecoach –> Advanced and check “Disable step nonce.”  That will turn off this important security feature.  Once you have finished creating your site or importing your changes, please remember to re-enable step nonces!
  4. If your issue is still unresolved, please put in a support request and we’ll help you sort things out!

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